News  » Updated Information for Year 7 2018

Last updated 1:15 PM on 30 November 2017

The following information addresses the unanswered questions asked at the conclusion of the Parent Information Session on November 28th.


School Start Dates:

            January 29th – Staff Only

            January 30th – Year 7 students and Year 10 Peer Leaders

            January 31st – All staff and students


Bus Passes

Upon completion of the online form  Forster Buslines will send bass passes direct to the applicants postal address. Other companies that have a small client base at Forster Campus such as Eggins Bus Company will send bus passes directly to the school. Students can then collect these at the Front Office.


Books and Equipment


OPTION 1 – Books Only

6x 128 page Exercise books

2x A4 160 page Exercise Books

1x A4 Music Book




1x pack of 4 Highlighters

2x Glue Sticks

1x Scissors

1x Red Pen

1x Blue Pen

1x Black Pen

1x 30cm Ruler

1x Eraser

1x Sharpener

1x 350 Compass

1x Protractor

2x A4 20 Pocket Display Folder

1x 8GB USB

1x In Ear Headphone